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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tillandsia Garden Art

I'd been gardening away for a client up in the San Francisco Bay Area this past May planting posies and pruning like a maniac.   One of my usual stops on the way home to Santa Barbara is a destination spot just south of San Jose for those who crave pottery, fountains, statuary and the like.  They have a mark down area in the way back where I always find a pot I must have.  Instead, I found garden art which now is embellished... Read more

The Joy Us Garden Side Garden

This side garden is right at the base of the steps to my house and borders the driveway so I see it many times throughout the day.  I never get tired of looking at it!  I have a variety of garden art in this garden which cohabits happily with all the plants.

Just like myRead more

Flower Friday: White Phalaenopsis Orchids

In the language of flowers, white Phalaenopsis Orchids symbolize love and beauty.  And how wonderful both of those things are.  That must be the reason some brides choose to wear them in their hair and carry them in their bouquets.  They are a very popular houseplant and the easiest of the all the orchids, suited for interior environments, for the homeowner to care for.  Many people even get... Read more

Spooky Halloween Decorations Outdoors

Halloween.  It's that wild and crazy holiday we celebrate when it's just fine to put on gobs of outrageous makeup which takes 2 days to get off, dress like an actor or musician everyone loves to hate and scare people just for fun.  Another year has rolled around, and for me, that... Read more

Flower Friday: Orange Flowers

Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner so I'm seeing a lot of orange these days - pumpkins, mums, decor and foliage.   And that's why I decided to do a post on orange flowers.  Most of these flowers don't have too much to do with this season other than their color.  Like many of my photos, these were all taken here in Santa Barbara, CA.  In my initial Flower Friday post I said the... Read more