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A Plant With Major Attitude: Cup Of Gold Vine (Solandra maxima)

Cup Of Gold Vine (Solandra maxima) is a plant which makes a statement! The flowers are ginormous & lightly scented & the foliage a deep glossy green. Find out how to grow this gorgeous plant.

A Plant With Major Attitude: Cup Of Gold Vine (Solandra maxima)


Cup  Of Gold Vine, or Solandra maxima, is indeed a plant with major attitude.  It grows big  has ginormous flowers, huge buds and large, glossy foliage. This twining vine is not one for small spaces or flimsy structures. It requires room to grow and something sturdy for it to grow on.

cup of gold vine

Here it’s trained with wire to wrap all the way around this courtyard

Oh those 6-8″ flowers!  They deepen in color as they age, which make this plant so outrageous and appealing.  And, as their color deepens, they also get fragrant.  You can stick your nose right into the flower (watch out for any pollen!) and inhale away.

To me, their scent is similar to ripe bananas – sweet but not overpowering. They bloom heaviest in winter through spring and then off and on all year long.

Here I am in that courtyard, telling you all about the luscious Cup Of Gold Vine:

Here are a few things, mentioned in the video, that you need to know about this plant:

Size:  This vigorous vine can grow to 40 – 50′ tall.  Interestingly, I’ve also seen it pruned into a 5′ shrub.

Exposure: Full sun is best but it does okay in part shade too. It does great here in coastal southern California & tolerates fog & wind.

Water:  Cup Of Gold Vine is not drought tolerant. It needs regular water.

Soil: Well drained with a generous dose of rich, organic compost would make it very happy. It’ll enrich the soil making the roots & the plant grow strong. A 2-4″ layer of compost will also help to hold the moisture in.

Pruning: Pruning those tall, crazy vertical shoots will make it branch laterally which in turn brings on more flowering.

cup of gold vine

The buds are huge too!

This is such a lovely plant in every aspect.  Whenever I see one in bloom, I always have to stop and take a whiff. It sends my olfactory senses straight to a feeling of bliss!

Nell-Portrait-with-cup of gold vine flower

The flowers are lovely but a bit too big for behind the ear!
cup of gold vine flower

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  1. ramesh chandra mehra

    wow nice and beautiful

  2. Aren’t they?! The flowers are outrageously beautiful & the foliage is gorgeous. Nell

  3. How well do these vines take from cuttings?…are they easily propagated?.. I live in Perth, Western Australia… The climate here is Mediteranian…… cool winters, min at night is maybe as low as 35F at worst. But hot dry summers up to 110F at its worst.

  4. Hi Dale – Yes, you can propagate the Cup Of Gold Vine from semi-ripe cuttings (a common way to propagate other vines & shrubs). The best time to do it is in the summer, probably late spring or early summer where you are. Nell

  5. Great info. Beautiful bloom examples. Here’s my problems. Mine are in large containers in a open courtyard. They were climbing and blooming great last summer. Now the leaves are green with yellow and brown. There’s very little new growth and no buds or blooming. Help!

  6. Hi Kim – I’m not sure where you are or what kind of winter you had, but it sounds like too much water. Nell

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