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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Trimming Lucky Bamboo

I've had my spiral (sometimes called curly) Lucky Bamboo stalks for almost 8 years now. The foliage growth was getting tall and spindly so I decided to cut it all back.  This is all about trimming Lucky Bamboo including how I did it and how long it took for those stems to grow back.

Now, I've never pruned any of mine back before so this was an experiment. Lucky Bamboos are actually... Read more

7 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Good

Houseplants are beautiful, aren't they? They certainly have physical beauty, but indoor plants offer so much more. There are many benefits of having indoor plants in your home. Here, we'll list a few reasons why houseplants make you feel good.

You may associate feeling good with daily exercise and healthy eating. Those are certainly contributing factors for good health, but... Read more