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Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Best Time To Prune Star Jasmine

Oh, Star Jasmine; when you're in full bloom you're ever so sweet. This is a very versatile plant which you can grow as a vine, shrub, border edging, ground cover as well as trained over an arch, up an obelisk rose pillar or against a trellis. No matter how you grow it, pruning for this twining plant will be in order. I want to share with you the best time to prune Star Jasmine (Confederate Jasmine or Trachelospermum jasminoides) plus how and why I just trimmed... Read more

Propagating A String Of Pearls Plant Made Simple

When I saw my first String of Pearls plant or Senecio rowleyanus, it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted one of my very own. When I moved to Santa Barbara, my home’s previous owner left behind quite a few pots of all sizes. It didn’t take me long to grab one of them for propagating a String of Pearls plant.

A Read more

Dracaena Lisa Care: The Houseplant With The Dark Glossy Leaves

Do you have a spot in your home that's begging for a tall, narrow floor plant? Well let me please introduce to Lisa - she's easy care and easy on the eyes. This houseplant's a looker with all that dark glossy foliage spilling out of the top of each cane (stem). Coming up is all about Dracaena Lisa care and how to keep yours healthy and looking good.

When I was anRead more

14 Colorful Summer Annuals for the Full Sun

Most gardeners really enjoy bold, beautiful flowers in their yard. If you’re the same way, you should consider plants that can survive the hot sun throughout the summer months. There are plenty of flowers that are annuals for the full sun.

What is the full sun?

When we mention full sun, we’re talking about plants that... Read more

How I Prune, Propagate & Train My Stunning Hoya

Hoyas are beautiful and notorious for being long-lived, tough houseplants. Here's a guide on hoya plant care: how to prune and train every spring.

Oh my beautiful, stunning Hoya - how I do love you and how far you've come! Literally. I bought you in a 4" pot years ago at Roger's Gardens ... Read more