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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Flower Friday: Pink Roses

Pink roses are some of the earliest roses to be found.  Many other colors have since evolved and the hybridizers continue to introduce new ones all the time.  Pink roses used to be the standard for bridesmaid's bouquets ions ago but my how times have changed.

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An Unique Farmers Market Summer Centerpiece

I love to make these crazy centerpieces, or tablescapes if you prefer.   Not only are they lovely and interesting to look at but you can eat most of them after they’re through being a conversation piece.  I bought all the fruits and vegetables along with the alstroemeria at our Santa Barbara Farmers Market.  Some of the tillandsias are mine and some were borrowed from a local greenhouse.

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An Easy Piece Of Art With Driftwood, Tillandsias & Succulents

I live in Santa Barbara just 7 blocks from the ocean and love to go for beach walks.  I used to collect shells and rocks to use as ground cover in my garden but these days my attention is focused on driftwood which I use for my various crafting projects.  I spotted the chunk you see right below up next to the cliffs and thought it would be purrrrfect to use as a piece of... Read more

Flower Friday: Blue Hydrangeas

Last week's Flower Friday showcased a few pink hydrangeas and today it's their blue counterparts.  I won't go into what determines their color because that's a whole other blog post.  I will say that I much prefer the blue over the pink especially if it's a deeper shade.  They are lovely to use in summer and fall arrangements and certainly go well with both seasonal color palettes.  Deep blue hydrangeas work so nicely in... Read more

My Huge Coleus “Dipped In Wine”

Holy moly it's early August and my Coleus "Dipped In Wine" is humongous - it stands 43" inches tall by 46" wide.  We still have about 4 more months of active growing to be done here in Santa Barbara so who knows how big it will be by the end of November.   You may have read my post Propagating My Coleus  (the link is at the end along with a video) back in February - this is a quick follow up as to how it's doing... Read more