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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Garden House in Devon,UK

This garden is shear delight!  My friend and I visited The Garden House in late June of 2010 on a misty morning which was actually a welcome relief from the uncharacteristic heat in days prior.  We enjoyed being one of only a few visitors that day as we romped through the 8 acres showcasing more than 6000 plant varieties in southwestern England with splendid vistas of the Read more

Vegetables Can Add Beauty to your Garden

I guess I am just a little too practical to grow flowers. Perhaps it's just the fact that I like to eat fresh food, especially fresh vegetables. It could be that I have been surrounded by flower lovers all my life – my Dad loved his flower garden,  especially perennials – and my wife Jane simply loves Roses and Morning  Glories.Read more

How Not To Prune A Weeping Plant

A Weeping Pussy Willow, or Salix caprea "pendula",  is a plant not often seen in gardens here in California.  My client, who lives just south of San Francisco, had been eying the one in the Wayside Gardens  catalogue and finally ordered her coveted specimen.  It arrived in a 2 gallon grow pot wrapped in paper and stood about 4' tall.  We planted it with lots of compost in the moistest part of the garden where the all the water... Read more