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My Burgundy Loropetalum

Yes, the picture you see below is my Loropetalum chinensis standard "sizzling pink" right after I bought it - a neat little lollipop with a few stray hairs.   How it's evolved since September of 2010!   I love, love  it for it's burgundy foliage and graceful form. Loropetalums are most commonly grown and seen as a shrub, often times a shrub-blob, so I waited a year and a half  before... Read more

Pruning My Loropetalum Standard

I love to prune!  So, if you scroll all the way to the end of this post, you'll find a video of me in action.  And I'm not talking about getting out the electric clippers and buzzing and hacking the heck out of a hedge - no.   To me, pruning a plant is an art form.  I waited a year and a half to find a Loropetalum Standard with burgandy foliage to compliment the trim on my house.  So when I dropped in on one of our Read more

The Joy Us Garden Side Garden

This side garden is right at the base of the steps to my house and borders the driveway so I see it many times throughout the day.  I never get tired of looking at it!  I have a variety of garden art in this garden which cohabits happily with all the plants.

Just like myRead more