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Santa Barbara Orchid Fair

I went to the 32nd Annual Santa Barbara Orchid Fair  back in July and now it’s time to share some photos (and there are many of them) from that event with you.   I’m not going into the details off the event as the link I just listed says it all clearly.  I will say that two noted gentlemen in the world of everything Orchid were there - Dr. Mark Chase of Kew Royal Botanic... Read more

How Not To Prune A Weeping Plant

A Weeping Pussy Willow, or Salix caprea "pendula",  is a plant not often seen in gardens here in California.  My client, who lives just south of San Francisco, had been eying the one in the Wayside Gardens  catalogue and finally ordered her coveted specimen.  It arrived in a 2 gallon grow pot wrapped in paper and stood about 4' tall.  We planted it with lots of compost in the moistest part of the garden where the all the water... Read more

The Garden Lovers Tour for National Public Gardens Day

May 11 heralded National Public Gardens Day and when the Garden Lovers Tour in Santa Barbara was announced, I said "sign me up"!   We are fortunate to have many beautiful public gardens here and they all came together to celebrate the occasion.  The tour sold out quickly (within an hour and a half) as the gardens to be visited... Read more

Iris Douglasiana & The Pacific Coast Hybrids

We are busy getting ready for Grow! A Garden Festival  at the Los Angeles Arboretum taking place this coming weekend so our post on these beautiful Iris will be a shorter one.  The Douglas Iris, their cultivars and the hybrids are California native... Read more

Cymbidiums at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

The Cactus and Succulent Garden at The Sherman Library and Gardens

We at Garden Gluttony visited the Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar right off California's famed Pacific Coast Highway on a beautiful, sun-filled day last November.  Although the garden is small and intimate, there are many interesting aspects to this botanical gem.  Today we will only show you the Cactus and Succulent Garden because it blew our socks off even though we weren't wearing any!This... Read more