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Guest Posts & Collaborations

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Guest Posts

Want to submit a guest post?  Send us your ideas!

Yes, we publish guest posts once or twice a month. We’re always looking for new ideas. If you’ve got a topic that will be of value to our readers, whether it educate, enrich or simply entertain them, we want to hear about it.

Desired Topics:

Air Plants

Houseplants & Indoor Gardening


Practical Garden Advice & Urban Gardening

Posts should be between 400 & 1000 words. Because our blog is visually centered, 1-5 original photos are appreciated.

Please send your ideas plus a sample of your writing with Guest Post Submission in the subject line.


If you’re a fellow blogger or YouTuber with a focus that aligns with or compliments Joy Us garden’s, I’d love to collaborate with you.

Please send your information to with Collaboration in the subject line and we can come up with a brilliant idea.

Thank you!

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