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About Joy Us garden

Nell Foster Gardening Expert Santa Barbara

Welcome to Joy Us garden!

I’m Nell.  I’m here to inspire you with beautiful photos to visually stimulate, as well as share tips and ideas to enlighten and help you get your horticultural and creative groove on.

Joy Us garden is all about gardening, gardens and creating.  I live in the plant and flower filled seaside city of Santa Barbara, CA.  In addition to writing our weekly blogs, books and doing videos for Joy Us garden TV, I design a line of women’s gardening accessories.  We also offer air plants directly from a local greenhouse as well as gardening and crafting tools and gifts.

I published my first book, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, in 2013.  That was followed by Keep Your Houseplants Alive and Ornaments To Make Your Christmas Sparkle in 2014.

Cheers to growing and creating together … it’s a Joyus thing!

nell and Lucy Joy us garden

Random stuff about Joy Us garden

1- The office is in my shed. That’s right, we literally work in my garden.

2- This started out as an ecommerce business but now the focus has switched to one that is inspirational & educational. We host our site with Hostgator and love to recommend them.

3- Before I started this business I didn’t even have the internet & my computer skills were practically nil.  I’ve come a long way baby!

4 – I wrote my 1st book & filmed my 1st video after the age of 50.  I’m definitely 1 of the older Youtubers!


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5 – People ask me how I met Lucy ( the other half of Joy us garden),  & I say : craigslist …boy, was I lucky.

6 – Lucy & I love field trips!  The great outdoors makes us happy.

7 – Joy Us garden is visually based so I’m sure you’ll find something to tantalize your eyeballs.

8 – We’re as green as can be. Mother Nature is 1 lady we respect.

9 – We’re in it to inspire.  Anything you want us to do a blog post or video about (keep it clean please!) , just drop a line.


Lucy about page

About Lucy 

Lucy handles all of the visual communications for Joy Us garden. The format for the website, newsletter, blog, videos, photographs, social media sites and ads all go through her computer first. Not only is she dynamite with a camera, but she also does coding too.

California is now her home but she originally hails from Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America.  She holds two bachelors degrees in Communications and Film from Uruguayan universities.  As a visual artist, her work has been exhibited in the US, South America, Europe and Russia. She loves to share information in all different media whether it is writing, graphic, videos or photos.

At Joy Us garden she gets to combine this passion with her other one: nature.  She answers Nell’s cries of technical frustration with a smile and ease – the business couldn’t function without her!  Whenever she is away from her computer,  she can be found surfing or hiking.