Monstera Adansonii  Care

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This popular indoor plant is commonly called Swiss Cheese Vine as well as Five Holes Plant and Adanson’s Monstera.  This is all about Monstera adansonii care so you can keep your lacy vine healthy, growing, and looking good.

Type 1

The Swiss Cheese Vine grows fast.This is a tabletop or hanging plant. As yours grows and with support, it can become a floor plant.

Light/Exposure They prefer and do best in bright, natural light—what I would call a moderate exposure. Near but not in a window is good. They’ll tolerate low light but you’ll see little if any growth and the plant will become very spindly.


I water my 8in Monstera adansonii when the soil mix is 1/2 – 3/4 of the way dry. That tends to be every 7 – 9 days in the warmer months and every 14 – 20 days when winter comes around.


Like all tropical plants, the Monstera adansonii loveshumidity. If the leaves of yours are showing tiny brown tips, that’s a reaction to the dry air in our homes.

Ways To Increase Humidity




If yours look stressed and you think it’s due to lack of humidity, fill the saucer with pebbles and water. Put the plant on the pebbles but make sure the drain holes and/or the bottom of the pot aren’t submerged in water. 

Take your plant to the sink and spray the foliage and leave it in there for an hour or so to temporarily up the ante on the humidity factor

Misting the plant a couple of times a week is another option.


During spring you can spread a light layer of worm compost. Easy does it – a 1/4in layer of each is plenty for smaller sized plants. I go up to a 1/2 – 1in layer for larger pots

Fertilizing & Feeding...

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