Answering Your Questions About Bougainvillea

How do you make Bougainvillea flower? It needs full sun (approximately 6 hours or more a day) and warm temperatures to bring on its big bloom.

Will Bougainvillea grow back after freeze? Bougainvillea will grow back after a light freeze, so long as the roots are fine.

Can Bougainvillea be grown indoors? Bougainvillea need so much light/sun that growing indoors isn't common or recommended.

Is Bougainvillea fast-growing? They are fast-growing if it’s happy. You may not see much growth on a newly planted bougie, but after a year or 2, it should take off.

Will Bougainvillea grow in pots? Yes, bougainvillea is suited to growing in pots.

Is Bougainvillea easy to care for? If conditions are to its liking, your bougainvillea will grow like crazy. Whether it’s easy-care or not is a matter of opinion.

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