Snake Plants: Q & A

How often should I water my Snake Plant? It depends, there are many variables like pot size, soil composition, temperature, etc. But we can say, go easy on watering.

What size pot do Snake Plants like? Snake plants do best growing a bit tight and crowded in their pots. It’s best to only go up one size when repotting.

How much light does a Snake Plant need? Snake Plants are so loved is because of their adaptability. They’re tolerant of many light conditions with moderate or medium light, being the ideal.

Is a Snake Plant Indoor or Outdoor Plant? They can be both, depending on your climate zone. They are most commonly sold as indoor plants.

What is the best soil for Snake Plants?  Your Snake Plant does best in a well-aerated and quick-draining soil mix to ensure it doesn’t stay too wet.

More Questions and Answers on Snake  Plant Care

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