How To Repot A String Of Pearls Plant

String Of Pearls are very popular and beloved succulent houseplants. They have a shallow root system and yours will need a new pot at some point.

You want to be certain the new pot, whether it be a grow pot or decorative pot, that you’re planting your String Of Pearls into has at least 1 or more drainage holes.

How much mix you put in depends on the size of the SOPs rootball and the size of the pot it’s going into. Sprinkle a thin layer of compost/worm compost over that.

Now that my String of Pearl is in its new pot, I gently handle the pearl trails and untangle them.

Because String Of Pearls plants have a smaller root system, they can stay in the same pot for a long time. Repotting once every 5 years (give or take) should be fine.

I keep my newly repotted succulents dry for 5-10 days before watering to let them settle in. After that time I’ll resume watering as usual.

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