Answers To Questions About Aloe Vera

Do Aloe vera plants need a lot of sun?  Aloe vera does best in high to medium light. It likes sun, but no prolonged exposure.

What does overwatered Aloe vera look like? Some signs to look for leaves becoming mushy, leaves turning pale or opaque, and leaves drooping.

Can you use regular potting soil? Aloe vera would prefer a cactus and succulent mix because it provides better drainage and aeration.

How do I use fresh Aloe vera for skincare? I apply the fresh gel once or twice a week in the first step of my morning routine as an added dose of moisture.

Are Aloe veras hard to take care of? No, as long as they’re in bright light and you don’t overwater them, these plants will be happy.

How to encourage Aloe vera to produce pups? I have always found that if an Aloe vera is growing sightly tight in its pot, the more pups it’ll produce.

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