Foxtail Fern Growing Guide

This evergreen perennial (which is not a true fern by the way) is easy on the eyes and easy when it comes to maintenance.

Foxtail Fern plants grow best in hardiness zones 9-11. They’ll show damage if the temps go below 20 – 25 degrees F.

This plant isn’t considered to be drought tolerant but neither do they require huge amounts of water. They have a tuberous root system that stores water so be sure not to keep them too wet as this will lead to root rot.

They’re tolerant in regards to this and grow in a variety of soil types. They’re said to grow best in slightly acidic soil.

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Here I am dividing a 5-gallon Foxtail Fern in my Tucson garden. You can see all the tubers & how tight the root system is. Yes, this is 1 tough plant. I used my pruning saw to divide it!

When you prune yours, be sure to cut the stems off all the way to the base.

Use link below for full guide on Foxtail Fern

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