Festive Holiday Plants To Brighten Your Home Decor


Anthurium plants have beautiful flowers that pair so well with their glossy green leaves. We see them sold in red, white, and burgundy during the holiday season.

Paperwhite Narcissus These flowers seem to have their own inner sparkle. Just look at the petals up close and you’ll see what I mean. 

Kalanchoe, red and green is a Christmas classic combo so the red blooms and green foliage on the Kalanchoes will fit just right into your decor.

Cyclamen, these are popular bedding plants in coastal California for the winter season.

I remember Christmas Cactus distinctly from my childhood and they’re still extremely popular. My dad had a green thumb and we grew them in our greenhouse and they’d come into bloom right around Thanksgiving.

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Bromeliads give you much more of a modern feel if that’s what you’re looking for. These, like orchids, have very long-lasting flowers.

There are so many varieties of Poinsettias on the market now in varied flower, foliage, and plant size. You can find them with many patterns and color combos – something for every Poinsettia lover!

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