Christmas Cactus Plant Care: Answering Your FAQs

You can do a few things to keep your Christmas Cactus blooming longer. Make sure it’s in bright light, but not sitting in any direct sunlight. If you keep your house hot, the bloom time will be shorter. Don’t keep it too wet or too dry.

Mine grows near but not in a south-facing window. The plant receives bright light all day but receives no direct sunlight. You want yours to be in a similar location.

Christmas Cactus like the bright natural light that the sun provides as long as it’s not direct. Moderate light exposure (bright light that’s indirect) is their sweet spot.

I water mine in an 8? grow pot every 2-3 weeks in summer and every 3-4 weeks in winter. When your Christmas Cactus is blooming, water it a bit more often..

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If you want it to start blooming around Thanksgiving, you should put it in the dark for 12-14 hours per day starting in early to mid-October.

I never completely stop watering it during this period. I wait until the top 1/2 of the soil dries out before watering again.

I use this soil blend because it’s rich yet drains well: 1/3 succulent & cactus mix, 1/3 potting soil, and 1/3 coco chips.

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