What's Going On With My Bougainvillea Leaves


During my 1st winter caring for Bougainvilleas, all of a sudden leaves started dropping. So, I had to ask the question: why are my bougainvillea leaves turning yellow and falling off.

WHAT CAUSES BOUGAINVILLEA LEAVES TO TURN YELLOW? Too much water Too little water Pests Fungal Disease Nutrient deficiency Temp change

One of the causes for those heart-shaped leaves turning yellow (and yes, they turn completely yellow) is environmental. Those cold temperatures in the winter months will do it.

Once leaves turn yellow, then they’ll fall off. Green leaves will drop also. Some will hang on and then fall off in late winter/early spring when the new growth appears.

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Leaves can fall off bougainvilleas in the case of too much water. Established bougies prefer infrequent but deep waterings.

I’ve observed that Bougainvilleas in cooler, shadier, windier, etc parts of town shed more leaves than those in more sheltered areas with direct sunlight.

Transplant shock. If they’re happy, bougainvilleas are tough cookies and grow like crazy. Despite this fact, their root systems are very sensitive.

After the leaves drop and the new growth is well on its way, then those bougainvillea blooms appear. These gorgeous plants are somewhat of a mess, but well worth it in my opinion!

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