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Flower Friday: Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses Options

I’m starting a new Friday tradition here at Joy Us garden. My how to and garden goodie posts will now appear on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. On the last day of the work week I’ll be posting nothing but pictures of flowers. A few words or some sort of description will accompany the 5 or 6 images but that’s it – short and sweet. It’s something I do on our Facebook page  and people like it so I decided to do it here too. I have gazillions of pictures of flowers and I’ll be taking many more so there’s an endless supply.

This maiden voyage of Flower Friday is going to set sail with yellow roses. They signify joy, gladness, friendship and steadfast love so what a wonderful way to shove off.


Julia Child, a floribunda

Danae, a hybrid musk

Celebrity, a hybrid tea

Graham Thomas, a David Austin climber

Julia again, up close cause she’s so pretty

Come back every Friday for blooms and more blooms – it’s a great way to start the weekend!

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