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Weekend Musings

Here are some of my weekend musings - things I find interesting, entertaining, useful & yummy. Enjoy your weekend!


I have an internet based business and spend much of my days on the computer.  It’s not bad though because I work out of my shed which is right next to my back garden.  Besides being my office, it’s also holds all of my gardening tools and supplies.  Definitely a dual purpose structure!

I live by the sea in Santa Barbara, CA so I do get to have the door open most of the year to watch the butterflies and hummingbirds wiz by.  But, occasionally my mind wanders and before I know it, I’m trolling on other blogs and websites.  I love looking at other bloggers’ compilations of what they find interesting and share with us on the world wide web.  I thought I’d start doing the same and got Lucy, the one behind the scenes at Joy Us garden, in on the sharing too.

So, I’m starting a regular (or maybe every other!) Saturday post called Weekend Musings:

I work by myself so I love a good inspirational quote. This one applies applies to planting trees too!

Zucchini is in with abundance.  This moist bread would be great for breakfast or as a snack.

While I’m on the topic of food, I thought I’d throw in this oh so visually appealing appetizer with fresh figs & goat cheese.

And if you want some summer freshness then Lucy’s Pear+Banana+Ginger smoothie is right up your alley.

As you know, I love gardens & gardening.  This botanical garden in Italy sits right on Lake Cuomo – book me a ticket please!

Hey, summer’s not over yet & there’s some outdoor entertaining to do.  Here’s a little inspiration for a turquoisey, citrusy pool party

And if you are looking to pop up your indoor space, maybe yellow?

This green & natural burlap wrap is an easy & attractive way to hide those plain ‘ole grow pots. Wouldn’t your favorite blooms look great in this?

I love Goldfinches – their little chirps really amuse me & they’re fun to watch flit around. Here’s how to attract them into your garden.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Nell, Thanks for sharing. I love the goldfinches too. They come in my yard and hang out on my fountain. Sometimes they wait above the fountain on a lemon tree while the hummingbirds are taking a bath. As soon as the coast is clear, the goldfinches get in the fountain water and play. It’s so fun to watch! Have a great week :-))

  2. Marilyn – I have a picture of a hummingbird taking a bath at the Biltmore in Montecito – high class bird! They’re fun to watch too & we get them in our gardens year round, lucky us. The goldfinches are really sweet & love to eat the flowers on my some of my shrubs. A wonderful week to you also! By the way, I’m mailing your tool pouch to you today – enjoy! Nell

  3. Read and signed from Toronto Canada.

    i have golden pothos and snake plant. not yet to be greenthumb but i dont have anyone close by who has it.

  4. A green thumb takes time, not only to learn about plants but be comfortable with them. Both the pothos & snake plants are very easy to care for – just be careful not to over water them. Nell

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