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Weekend Musings

Here are some of my weekend musings. These are things I find useful, interesting & yummy. Enjoy your weekend!

Oh my goodness, another summer has come and gone and fall has arrived. I love it when the light changes, the mornings get a little crisper and that harvest moon makes its 1st appearance. There’s no foliage changes going on here in Tucson except for wild and wacky Ocotillos whose leaves are starting to turn yellow and drop as the monsoon rains taper off. I love those plants and am glad that there are quite a few of them growing in my neighborhood.

Because this is the 1st Weekend Musings of the fall season, this glorious time of year is going to set the tone for this post. Pumpkins, cinnamon, persimmons and pomegranates – bring ’em on!  If you’re looking for spectacular foliage I think New Hampshire should be on your list. There’s a number of scenic drives to take in the state and nows the time to do it. A kaleidoscope of orange, red and yellow for miles and miles.

Here are my musings for this weekend:

Have you ever wondered why the leaves change color?  It’s explained in a nutshell here but the bottom line is: enjoy all those colors because they don’t last too long.

Mums for days – 17,00 of them but who’s counting! If you happen to be near Pennsylvania at the end of October into November, then be sure to visit Longwood Gardens for the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Can’t decide whether to prune your salvias in spring or fall? That’s your choice but this post & video show you how to prune 3 different types of salvias.

I love to make wreaths any time of year but this 1 & this 1 are great options if you just want something beautiful & ready made.

Pumpkin spiced lattes seem to be all the rage these days & this recipe claims to be even better than Starbucks.

That latte might be best enjoyed with 1 of these salted caramel apple crumb bars. A yummy combo indeed.

If you want a drink with a bit more kick (wink, wink) then perhaps this pear sour is right up your alley. It’s simple to make but looks oh so elegant.

I love miso & frequently drink the broth just plain. This miso soup recipe looks so healthy but that’s because it’s loaded with so many yummy things like sweet potato, avocado, edamame& tofu.

Let the leaves change color & Happy Fall!

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  1. Hi again, I’ve just also seen that you spoke of the air-layering method. I wouldn’t want to cut it down into small size stems for rooting them in water, as I would very much like the top part to actually keep some of the nice foliage it has.
    What I’m considering is, while the temperatures still very moderate for the next two months, do the air-layering, after rooting make the cut and plant it, and then make another small cut on the remaining bottom for rooting in water–because the remaining bottom part would still be very tall, and to give it space to grow new shoots.
    Does this sound alright to you?

  2. Hi Maria – Air layering is great. As I said in my previous response, a mature Dr. mass. responds much better to rooting in soil, if the cane is good-sized. Nell

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