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Weekend Musings

Here are some of my musings for this weekend - things I find interesting, useful & yummy. Enjoy your weekend!


I grew up in northwestern Connecticut where May signaled the blooming of our lilac trees.  They only flowered for 2 weeks but my oh my, our house was full of vases with those sweetly scented, beautiful lavender-purple blooms.  I’ve never grown any of the new reblooming varieties but I can’t imagine them being as impressive as our 15′ trees.

I recently bought a new home (it closes on May 13) & although I’m sad to leave my garden here in Santa Barbara, I’m excited about creating a new garden in my new home. The outdoor spaces are what sold me on the house.   I’m currently working on a draft for a Youtube video called “leaving a garden you love”.  It’s interesting when you put your love for a garden in words!

Here are some of my musings for this weekend:

Ever dreamed of staying in a treehouse in Hawaii?  Here are the top 20 places where you can roost high above the ground every night.

Talk about seduction, this dahlia had me at hello.  it’s a floral work of art.

Here’s another 1 for you.  This Merluza Dahlia would give Carmen Miranda a run for her money!

Along with mint, thyme & basil, Sweet Marjoram is on my list of very favorite herbs. It has a taste similar to oregano (it’s the same genus after all) but has a sweeter flavor.  I use it a lot in sauces & soups.

Here’s a really easy dish you can take to a party or picnic.  This
lemony herb-loaded chopped Greek salad is loaded with flavor & holds up fine for a few days.

Yup it’s true.  Sometimes you just need a grilled cheese sandwich.  This one with pistachio parsley pesto & teleggio would stop any such craving dead in its tracks.

I’ve never tried the whole baking in a jar thing but this cheescake in a jar looks mighty good. Top with berries & it’s all good to go.

If you’re having a party & want simple yet unusual  decor, then be sure to check this out.  I love the balloons tied to the pineapples!

Have a great weekend,

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