String Of Pearls Plant Care: Answering Your FAQs

Beginning gardeners struggle with these so we wanted to help out. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up on trying to grow this plant take a look at our helpful tips.

Can String Of Pearls go in direct sunlight? String of Pearls do not like direct sunlight and will burn if in a hot window.

Can you overwater String Of Pearls? Yes, you can certainly overwater String of Pearls. Keep it too wet, and that’ll lead to root rot.

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How do you make String Of Pearls grow faster? String of Pearls is a moderate to fast grower in bright light. If your String Of Pearls isn’t growing, then it’s not getting enough light.

What is the best soil for String Of Pearls? They do best in a succulent and cactus mix that is fast draining and well aerated. I make my own DIY succulent & cactus mix that can be found in full guide.

Does String Of Pearls flower? Yes, they do bloom primarily in the winter months. The flowers are small, puffy, and white, with a delightful sweet/spicy scent.

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