How To Repot Snake Plants

Snake plants are easy-care houseplants. Every once in a while, repotting is necessary for maintaining a healthy and thriving plant.

Snake Plants prefer to be kept on the dry side. You don’t want it to hold too much moisture because this will lead to root rot.

Potting soil plus succulent and cactus mix works well because it’s chunky and well aerated. Adding organic compost is recommended as well.

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Snake plants prefer to grow slightly tight in their pots. They spread out as they grow, I’ve found that they don’t need a deep pot.

Snake Plants are succulents. After repotting, I keep mine dry for about 7 days to let them settle in. Then, you can water.

Don’t rush to repot yours unless it’s looking stressed or it’s cracked the grow pot. Snake Plants don’t mind being tight in their pots.

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