A Guide To Pruning 3 Types Of Salvia Plants


Salvias are very popular garden plants. Here are tips for pruning salvias (3 different types) in fall or spring to keep them healthy, in good form, and blooming like crazy.

Type #1  The Deciduous Herbaceous Salvias With these salvias, the old growth dies out and fresh new growth emerges from the base of the base. They have softer stems that either die off and/or freeze.

These types of salvias are better to prune in spring (in colder climates) because the old growth will protect the fleshy new growth over the winter.

Type #2 The Herbaceous Salvias With Woody Stems You prune these salvias back after flowering but not all the way to the ground. Take them back to at least where the first set of foliage starts on the flower stem.

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Be sure to take out any growth which has died over the winter. If you don’t give these salvias some type of pruning, they’ll get woody and won’t repeat bloom like you want them to. They get straggly and sparse quickly.

Type #3 The Rosette Forming Herbaceous Salvias In the fall, prune the stems all the way down to the rosette and clean up any dead foliage growing close to the ground. 

The leaves tend to grow densely on this 1 so the undergrowth gets smothered. Remove dead foliage in late winter or spring so that fresh new growth can easily emerge.

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