Pruning Salvia Guide

For woody stem Salvias prune them back to at least where the first set of foliage starts on the flower stem.

If you don’t give woody stem salvias some type of pruning they will get extremely woody and won’t repeat bloom.

Give them a mild pruning in the fall and then a more intense one in the late winter or early spring if need be.

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Perennials don’t live forever after all. They tend to get straggly over time.

On deciduous herbaceous salvias old growth dies out and fresh new growth emerges from the base.

When it’s through flowering, simply cut those stems all the way down to the ground.  It needs to be done once or twice a year.

They will still flower if you don’t but you’ll get more blooms and the plant will look 100% better if you do.

It’s best to know which kind of salvia you have before springing into action with the pruners.

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