A Guide To Indoor Plant Care In Winter


1. CUT BACK ON THE FREQUENCY OF WATERING The soil won’t be drying out as fast in winter.  Therefore, the roots won’t need as much water at this time.

2. DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF WATER. Not only do my plants get less water when it comes to frequency, but I cut back on the volume also. My houseplants are watered roughly 25% less in winter.

3. USE ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER. Houseplants are resting at this time and don’t appreciate the shock of ice-cold water. I use room temperature water for my indoor plants year-round, not only in winter.

4. DON’T LET TOO MUCH WATER COLLECT IN THE SAUCER. You don’t want to submerge the bottom of the grow pot in 1-3 inch of water as it will eventually cause the roots to rot.

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5. YOU MAY HAVE TO MOVE YOUR PLANTS. The winter months are darker and shorter hours of light. If you feel your plants aren’t getting the amount of light they need, then move to a different location where they’ll receive more light.

6. ROTATE THEM IF NEED BE. If the light source is coming from 1 side, then houseplants need to be rotated even in winter. I rotate mine every month or 2 depending on how they’re looking.

7. BACK OFF ON THE FERTILIZER AT THIS TIME. Remember, houseplants rest at this time and go dormant or semi-dormant. They don’t need or want to be fed at this time. Wait until the weather warms and the days get longer.

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