How To Care For & Grow Rosemary

Oh yes siree, rosemary is wonderful! It’s a woody perennial evergreen herb that’s commonly sold as a shrub. Growing Rosemary is easy and its versatility leads to it being a staple in many gardens.

Rosemary has a moderate growth rate after getting established. In the first couple of years after planting, it can be slow to go to take off.

Rosemary does best in full sun.  It can take bright morning shade but needs that midday and afternoon sun to look its best.

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You want to make sure the soil drains really well and that it’s well aerated. What you add to amend drainage (if you need to) varies depending on your soil type.

Rosemary doesn’t require much in terms of food and fertilizer. For mine in Santa Barbara, I would compost them every 2 – 3 years in the late winter.

Rosemary can show damage if the temp dips below 20 degrees F.  There are 2 varieties, “Arp” and “Madeline Hill”, that are more cold-hardy than the others.

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