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How To Care For Guzmania Bromeliad

Like the other bromeliads, Guzmanias prefer and are happiest in bright, natural light. An east or west exposure would be best but just be sure they avoid exposure to any direct, hot sun.

Guzmanias have a tank (the central well which the flower stalk arises out of) which is how they collect a lot of the water they need.

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Guzmanias are epiphytes so the mix they’re in needs to drain really well. They’ll grow fine in orchid bark or cymbidium mix. I’ve also used 1/2 orchid bark & 1/2 coco coir.

Guzmanias have small root systems so yours may never need repotting. The mother plant eventually dies after flowering which is just part of their cycle. Pups will appear at the base of the mother.

Guzmanias make great houseplants and are not only easy to maintain but very colorful also.

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