What You Need To Know About Cactus Soil Mix


Cacti in pots do best in a special soil mix. This is all about cactus soil mix, so you can choose an indoor cactus mix to keep your plants healthy and happy.

You will need a gritty mix with adequate aeration. Cacti don’t like wet soil, especially those that are growing indoors. They have mechanisms to store water and will succumb to root rot if kept wet for too long.

Whatever mix you use needs to thoroughly dry out in between waterings. I always recommend planting cacti in containers with drainage holes.

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I don’t recommend planting cacti in regular potting soil. It holds too much moisture and has a good chance of staying too wet.

I’ve found that even some of the commercial cactus and succulent mixes can also be too heavy and dense for indoor cactus plants. You may need to add in an amendment or 2 to lighten the mix.

Here are ingredients to make your mix drain faster and be well aerated: pumice, coco chips, perlite, pebbles, gravel, and coarse sand.

I’ve used a lot of different amendments over the years. Now pumice (which I find to be chunkier than perlite), clay pebbles, and coco chips are my favorites, and the ones I use the most.

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