Cactus Dish Garden DIY + Cactus Garden Care Tips

Sometimes one cactus plant in one pot just isn’t enough! This is open to interpretation, but I consider an indoor cactus arrangement to be multiple plants in one container.

I like to use shallower planters, bowls, or dishes for my cactus gardens. Anywhere from 2.5in – 6in deep seems to be the sweet spot, depending on what size and how many cacti you’re planting.

When it's time to plant having some tools on hand is helpful, I used a metal chopstick and nitrile coated gloves.

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Regular potting soil is generally too heavy for planting cacti. Brands of cactus soil I’ve used that are available online include Dr. Earth, EB Stone, Bonsai Jack, and Tanks’.

My secret weapon for planting a cactus arrangement and not having a multitude of spines in my fingers and hands is to use kitchen thong.

You can leave it as is, or add a bit of topdressing and adornments like small pebbles, glass chips, sand, etc. You can also add decorative elements like figurines or anything your heart desires!

Cactus Arrangement and Care 

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