Tips On Growing String of Pearls Indoors


Succulents need their soil to have excellent drainage and be well aerated. Potting soil is too heavy for a String Of Pearls plant.


Succulents don’t need a lot of feeding – just once in the spring and perhaps a repeat application if necessary in the mid-summer.


Frequent misting of this plant especially at the crown is likely to lead to rot.


String of Pearls don’t have a big root system. Planting one in a pot that’s too big can cause the mix to stay wet which leads to root rot.


A String Of Pearls plant indoors need strong natural light – a medium to high light exposure to grow successfully.


It’s best if the crown is only 1/2-1 inch below the top of the pot. If planted too deep, along with too much water = bye-bye.


The roots of a plant need oxygen and a mix kept consistently moist deprives them of this.


Ease up on the frequency of water if yours is looking sad and mushy. You want the plant to go nearly or completely dry before watering again.

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