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Updating A Decorative Plant Pot With Painting

Nothing transforms like paint. This is about updating a decorative plant pot with painting. My pot now has a fresh, more modern look.

updating a decorative plant pot with painting

Change is always in the air and for me this has meant settling into a new home in a new state. My house is surrounded by foliage on the outside but I still want plants inside. I have a Ficus elastica “burgundy” which sits in my new dining in a very dull but beautiful fiberglass pot. New home, new look! This is all about updating a decorative plant pot with painting.

I wanted a fresher, more modern look for my new indoor/outdoor home in the desert. Nothing updates like a little spray painting.

updating a decorative plant pot with painting

Here’s the decorative pot before painting.

The pot has great lines but was way too dull for my sun filled dining room. I went back and forth on colors and finally decided on gloss white. It’s a nice, clean color and would accent the dark foliage of my Rubber Plant. I’m big on transforming with painting because in my opinion, you can’t get a better value.

Tips for updating a decorative plant pot (or anything else for the garden) with painting:

1- Make sure whatever you’re painting is clean. I brushed off the pot & then washed it with a 1:3 solution of vinegar & water.

2- Temperatures between 60-75 are best for spray painting. Be sure to avoid any hot, direct sun.

3- If you’re spraying outdoors (which I like to do because the fumes indoors can be nasty), make sure to do it on a calm day. I created a “spray chamber” using a big box.  This helps to contain the paint a bit & you get less waste.

4- Be sure to shake the can 60-100 times before spraying. Just like paint in the can, you want all to be blended.

5- Raise the pot up off the ground for a nice, clean edge. Otherwise, the paint will stick.

6- It’s much better to spray multiple light coats than 1 or 2 heavy coats. Use light strokes when going back & forth. You get much more even coverage & the paint won’t drip off.

7- It’s best to be about 12″ away from the pot when spraying. You don’t want to be too close or too far.

8- Make sure that each coat thoroughly dries before applying the next.

9- If you’re going from dark to light, you’ll need to apply more coats. I ended up doing 5 on this pot.

10- Apply a sealer coat as the final step. You want to protect your masterpiece!

What I used:

Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover (gloss white). This is my go to spray paint. It provides fabulous coverage & comes in a great range of colors.

Rust-Oleum 2X Clear (also gloss). This seals, protects & revitalizes as well as being UV resistant.

Deco Art Dazzling Metallics (champagne gold). It’s a premium paint which yields quite the shimmer.  Plus, it’s easy to clean the brush with water. updating a decorative plant pot with painting

The pot after the 1st coat of paint.

updating a decorative plant pot with painting

Here’s how it looks after the 3rd coat.

updating a decorative plant pot with painting

For the last coat of paint (which ended up being 5) I turned the pot upside down. I find you get much better coverage this way, when painting something as detailed as this pot.

updating a decorative plant pot with painting

I detailed the center of the lattice work with gold. It really makes this pot pop!

I love the fresher, cleaner look that this decorative pot now has.  Are there any painting projects which have warmed the cockles of your heart?

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  1. Very detailed instructions with illustrations make this project a “no brainer”!. I LOVE the white with the gold detailing. Very rich and the contrast really makes the Ficus pop. Thx for the inspiration!

  2. Oh thank you! It’s a pot with great lines but the color was too dull for my taste. Now it shines! Nell

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