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Two Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas

The holiday season conjures up visions of good cheer, decorations, gift giving and eating, eating and more eating.  We all know that lots of Christmas activities center around the dining table so I want to share with you two Christmas napkin ring ideas which are both festive and easy to make.  One is suited for an informal party like a cookie making luncheon with the girls or a kid’s celebration.  The other would be great for an evening dinner or the feast on Christmas day.



As you can see, one is simply a gingerbread man cookie cutter which the napkin easily slips right through.  People can take them home to use for holiday baking.  The other is a snowflake, which you can glitter and/or paint to match your colors and theme, that guests can hang on their Christmas trees.  All the materials you need to make both of these can be easily found.  Be sure to watch the video below to see how fast they come together leaving you more time for baking, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Happy Holidays & joyous creating!


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