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The Quest For A Hanging Pot

My quest for a hanging pot dragged on - everything was too heavy, too ugly or too expensive. See what I came up with & what's planted in it.

Create your own hanging pot

I live in Santa Barbara where gardens are lived in all year long and garden centers are plentiful.  Do you think I could find a hanging pot I liked?  I also looked down in the San Diego area.  You would think with the multitudes more people and nurseries down there that I could find a pot.  Nope. Nada. No way.  The quest was still on for something modern, with no complicated details or designs going on.

I came across the standard plastic pot and hanger in drab green and icky orange everywhere I looked.   The ceramic and wood ones weren’t bad but way too heavy.  I was going to hang the pot in the my loquat tree over my mailbox and next to my front steps. The tree doesn’t have a lot of big branches so I didn’t want to put a strain on it.  Besides, I didn’t want to wipe out my mailman!  I did find a groovy one made of composite materials but at $69, that was more than I wanted to spend.

Here’s the low bowl became a hanging pot:

Lucy and I stopped in at La Sumida (a local nursery known for their selection of roses)  last year in search of a Spineless Yucca to take a picture of for our then upcoming houseplant book. We didn’t find the plant but in the houseplant section was a EcoForms display and I saw a low bowl in a coral color.  Bingo! Not only was it $8 and exactly the size and weight I wanted, but all their products are earth friendly and sustainable. My now hanging pot is made from recycled rice hulls.  How sweet is that.

I drilled 3 holes near the rim of the bowl in  triangular shape so it would hang evenly and then reinforced around each hole with a circle of epoxy. I bought a plain 24″ silver hanger for $2 and decided to spray paint it purple.  This quest started because I wanted a String of Bananas plant and decided it needed to hang so I could look straight at all those trails.  Oh plants, sometimes they send you on a wild goose chase!

The quest for the perfect hanging pot

The pot is now planted with the String Of Bananas and 3 strings of Grey Fish Hooks which I propagated off 1 of my own plants.  It looks a little bare now but the whole thing will be filled in by the end of summer.  Both of these plants grow like crazy and their trails get really long.  A happy, and inexpensive, ending to my quest.

Attach the basket with a rope

I wrapped twine jute rope around the branch a couple of times so the pot could hang.  This won’t cut into the tree & scar it.  I tied the hook of the hanger to the rope o it wouldn’t slip off. 

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