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The Joy Us Garden Denim Gardening Bag

LadyBug Bag, garden bag.

We at Joy Us garden, along with many others, love our LadyBug Bags!  This bag was designed to meet the needs of the most exacting and style conscious gardener – a woman who wants her gardening bag to draw as many oohs and aahhs as her chicest purse.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, it  is stylish, sturdy and built to last a lifetime.  Yes, it was designed to be a garden bag, but scroll down and check out the many other ways you can use your LadyBug Bag.


LadyBug Bag. Bag For Moms & Kids.


LadyBug Bag, denim sailing bag.


LadyBug Bag, denim picnic bag.


LadyBug Bag, farmers market bag.


LadyBug Bag, denim sports bag.


LadyBug Bag, bag for mommies.


LadyBug Bag, ladies garden bag.


LadyBug Bag, denim travel bag with pockets.


LadyBug Bag, travel bag.


LadyBug Bag, sturdy travel bag.


LadyBug Bag, bag to carry pets.


LadyBug Bag, shopping bag with pockets.


LadyBug Bag,denim beach bag.


LadyBug Bag, ladies garden bag.


LadyBug Bag, yoga bag for women.


LadyBug Bag, bag from sustainable denim.


LadyBug Bag, garden tool bag for women.


LadyBug Bag, sustainable picnic bag.

The LadyBug Bag is made from high quality, 14 ounce SAFEDenim – which stands for Sustainable And Friendly to the Environment.   Its long and low shape is extremely roomy  with deep pockets both inside and out.  And of course the signature Joy Us garden embroidered ladybug logo adorns one of the side pockets.   I’ve included this short video for you to see all the details of this bag that will become your new companion!

I’m sure you can some way to use the Joy Us garden LadyBug Bag – and you can feel good about carrying it because it’s made in California, right here in the USA!


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