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Tour My Garden With Me

My Santa Barbara garden is small but loaded with interesting plants. Let me take you on a tour, both with pictures & a video.

Burros Tail Care and Propagation

This video was filmed in October and now it’s January. A bit of a time lapse but the garden still looks the same 2 months later. That’s how things go here on the coast of California.

First of all, Happy New Year! I know, I know. I said back in November that I was switching over to a vlog format and for this first post of 2015, I’m throwing in a bunch of pictures. What’s up with that? You’ll find the video with me taking you on a tour in the middle of this post but I thought you might enjoy seeing some photo snippets of what’s going on in my garden. Let’s get on with the show.

Front garden

Entering into the front garden.

Mixed succulent planter

This little mixed succulent planter sits on the table. I painted & decorated the pot for a little more oomph.

Decorative pot in the garden

I love how this Mexican water jug mimics the trunks of my Giant Bird Of Paradise.

Side garden view

I’ve pruned the heck out of my Bougainvillea Barbara Karst to keep it from devouring the side garden.

Gorgeous pink color

My Bougainvillea glabra gets more sun & heat which equals more color.

I live in Santa Barbara, CA and with its Mediterranean climate, gardens don’t change much seasonally. This temperate coastal zone yields us 2 temperature ranges – kinda warm and kinda cool. My bougainvilleas are semi-deciduous and that’s about it.

Succulents bloom in winter. The Meyer lemon and oranges trees in the back yard are loaded with fruit. The winter garden is not that much different from the summer garden.

How to use a broken pot in your garden

Here’s what to do with a broken pot that you really like & don’t want to get rid of.

Terracotta lantern ball

This terra cotta star ball is meant to be a lantern but I like it just as is.

Let me show you my garden:

Stunning color in the garden

I love me some bromeliads!

Succulent in the pot

This succulent planter happily hangs out with the bromeliad.

Some gorgeous potted plants

These pots randomly ended up here. I haven’t decided yet if this is where they’ll stay.

I see and spend in my garden every day. My office is in my shed and the bathroom is in the house (you who drink a lot of water also know what I mean by this!) so I pass by my garden multiple times in a typical work day. I see what each plant is doing and find great joy in watching things grow.

The Hoya that needs to be transplanted and staked

The Hoya that sits on the patio right off my office really needs to be transplanted & staked. 

Three headed palm

My 3 headed Ponytail Palm  is recently transplanted & doing great. My Staghorn Fern is getting a new home very soon.

Painted pot with cacti

This little cactus dish garden is also a recently completed project.

Succulents in an antique chamber pot

This was actually my grandmother’s chamber pot & sat on a shelf in the shed. I decided it needed a place in the garden, drilled a hole in the bottom & viola.

More stunning garden plants

My Grapteverias (the pinwheel looking succulents) have deepened to a beautiful lavender/blue now that the nights are cool.

Thanks for taking the tour with me!


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  1. I love your garden! Takes me back to my So Cal days. The cactus planter is awesome as are the blue chairs – great contrast.

  2. Thank you so much Karyn! We have it pretty easy weather-wise here in So Cal, that’s for sure. That patio set is from the 40’s (it belonged to my mother’s aunt) & has been painted quite a few times. The blue sure adds color to the garden. Nell

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  4. Chontae Camille

    Your garden is lovely. Your website is wonderful. Your resume is impressive. You’ve written books. You’re a successful YouTuber. You’ve achieved what I hope to achieve one day. I do already have a lovely garden at my home and I am sharing it with a few people on Facebook and YouTube. But, I have so much to learn yet. I really enjoy learning what you have to share.

  5. Thank you so much for all your kind words Chontae! I’ve been gardening & working with plants & flowers for a very long time now. I actually studied in the field in college but the best way I’ve learned is by trial & error. That is how you’ll learn too. You have the interest & what sounds like passion so you’re on your way to being a “garden hound” too. I post once, sometimes twice, a week both here & on Youtube so I’m so glad you’re finding the info helpful. All the best, Nell

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  7. Jennifer Desiderio

    Good morning Nell! I found your videos on youtube. I fell in love with your garden. I was actually on youtube looking for a video to show me how to care for a string of pearls plant and that is how I stumbled across your videos…anyways, I used to have a string of pearls but it died. I live in New England were we have a very cold window and most of my house plants need artificial light to survive. Well my string of pearls did not. I am going to attempt to have one of these wonderful, beautiful plants again! I herd in the video that you sell pieces of your plant? is that still available? I looked on your website and did not find string of pearls in the shop. Also, thank you so much for the tips on how to care for one once I get my gardening hands on one!

    Much love, Happy New Year!


  8. Hi Jennifer – Happy New Year to you! I know all about those cold windows because I was born & raised in New England. Fortunately my dad built a greenhouse so I satisfy my green thumb even in the dead of winter. Yes, I still sell String Of Pearls along with other succulent cuttings (I’ll be selling Fish Hook Senecio cuttings soon!). Here’s the link for you: Just know that they’ll root a bit slower in the winter time & you should keep them drier than you would in the warmer months. Happy (indoor) gardening & hugs to you! Nell

  9. Hi Nell,
    What a lovely garden!
    I love what you did with the broken pot, it is so creative!
    That gave me a great idea on what to do with my broken pots.
    What you did with the succulent plants are also amazing, I’ll definitely try it too.Thanks!
    If you like a garden with a romantic feel to it, check out

  10. Hi Chel – Thank you so much! I sold that house so now I’m working on a new garden. Happy gardening! Nell

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