Succulents In Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego, reportedly the birthplace of California and site of our very first mission, has something to entertain any tourist.  We went on a Sunday in early March and be warned, parking on the weekends is not easy.  There are restaurants, shops, musicians, dancers, events and hotels in this state historic park but none of them were of too much appeal to Lucy and I.  We were much more interested in all the succulent plantings and focused our energies in on that.  As usual,  there’s a video waiting for you at the end of this post also entitled Succulents In Old Town San Diego.

Succulents In Old Town San Diego

We enjoyed the variety of succulents and containers found throughout this historical site and certainly got our exercise trying to find them all. The succulents we saw are all in great shape and well-maintained.

Gorgeous succulents on the streets

There are quite a few shops where you can buy pots and art for the garden (some of which is very colorful) and a couple which sell a small selection of plants as well. On to the good stuff.

So many varieties and colors

Succulents In Old Town San Diego

Beautiful succulents


San Diego succulents

Amazing agave plant

Did you know that agaves die after they flower?  Check it out below – one plant has already died and the other is in the process.

Succulents in San Diego

Here are a few more things I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Old Town San Diego


Quaint Old Town San Diego


Gorgeous pottery in Old Town San Diego

I’m a fiend for succulents so they were the draw for me.   On the other hand, there were many people out and about here enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon shopping, eating and looking at the sites.  I liken it to when I lived in San Francisco where the only appeal of Pier 31 to me was the Sea Lions and the flower plantings.  We who are horticulturally inclined can sniff out plants in the middle of a tourist attraction!


Our visit to The Botanical Building In San Diego

Old Town San Diego Guide

Old Town San Diego

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