11 Succulent Gifts for Your Succulent Obsessed Friends

Know someone that adores succulents? If you’re interested in buying them a present, we’ve got a list of the best succulent gifts for you. These succulents gift ideas are everything you’ll need for the holiday season.

Flowers are lovely, aren’t they? When you give them away as a gift, either for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because, they make the other person on the receiving end feel special and cared for.

There’s just one problem… The beauty of flowers fades quickly. This succulent gift guide is a much more practical way to go!

Luckily, there’s an alternative solution that is equally lovely, beautiful and lasts much, much longer than a few days.

Can you guess what we’re referring to? Succulents, my friend!

The Best Succulent Gifts

You can purchase succulent arrangements at a fair price and make that special someone appreciate your gift for a long time.

Not only can you purchase the plants at a reasonable price, but we’ve collected a list of products across the web that any succulent lover will enjoy. Here’s the only succulent gift guide you’ll ever need for any time of the year!

1. Cute Farms Fertilizer | $9.95


Got a friend that owns several succulents that they just adore? Chances are they will LOVE this spray fertilizer! It’s created just for succulents, cacti and aloe. It comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to apply to the base of each plant. It’ll help each plant live a long and fulfilling life.

2. Plant Hanger | $20.95

a small plant hanger with a succulent in it

Indoor garden enthusiasts will love this one. Bohemian styles and indoor houseplants seem to go hand in hand quite frequently. We think this planter hanger would be a lovely addition to the kitchen, living room, or back porch/patio.

3. Aloe Vera Plant Enamel Pin | $11.38

If you’ve got a friend who enjoys wearing pins on their clothes or attaching them to bags, purses, or backpacks, they will really like this Aloe Vera pin.

4. Cactus Decor, iPhone Case | $14.99

an iphone case with succulents on it

Do you know anyone without a smartphone these days? Well, the number of phone cases available are vast. Luckily, we found one that’s all about succulents and cacti. They’re molded to fit most iPhone and Samsung devices.

5. Cactus Print Boho Print Boho Decor | $9.88

two prints of green cacti with pink flowers on a dresser with white vases and plants

We had to keep the home decor devotees in mind, so we included some wall hangings. These boho prints include 2 separate images of cacti.

6. Succulent Wreath | $70

Another opportunity for wall decor, you can purchase a succulent wreath for a reasonable price.

Are you looking for your succulents? We’ve got you covered! Classic Terra Cotta Pots, Tabletop Planters, Hanging Planters For Succulents, & Small Pots For Succulents

7. Throw Pillow | $20.25

a white throw pillow with 3 succulents in pots on it

Here’s a throw pillow to add a little flair to your favorite couch.

8. Crochet Cactus | $15

a small crochet cactus with a pink flower in a clay pot

Now, here are some plants that are guaranteed to last forever!

For more cactus-themed goodies, shop our guide of 28 Essential Gifts For Cactus Lovers

9. Owl Ceramic Pots | $14.99

6 cute owl pots with succulents in them

We’re a good sucker for decorated and unique pots, and these owl ceramic pots are no different. They can complement any succulent or small plant. You can even request gift wrapping and a special message to send to the receiver of this gift!

10. Mandela Desert Cactus T-Shirt | $14.40

desert cacti Mandela green t-shirt

Do you love cacti? Let the world know with this t-shirt. At Joy Us Garden, we love cacti so join the club!

11. Succulent T-Shirt | $9.90

This cute t-shirt is a cute and comfy way to show your love for succulents!

Every once in awhile, we like to window shop across the web, and we’re glad we found plenty of products that make up a perfect succulent gift guide.

note: This post was originally published on 11/03/2018. It was updated & republished on 11/28/2020.

If you want more product ideas, I have an entire list of Succulent Decor and Succulent and Cactus Essentials that I saved over on Amazon!

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