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This Succulent Arrangement Is For The Birds

This succulent & flower arrangement in a small bird bath is perfect for a garden party or wedding. See the step by step to its creation.

Bird bath succulent arrangement

Or should I say this succulent arrangement is for the bird baths?!  Either way, the birdies who hang out in my garden have been missing their mini bathing station as it’s still in the garage holding a succulent arrangement.  I saw this little cobalt blue beauty at Tuesday Morning, on sale no less, and just had to have it.  The bowl of this bird bath is small and very shallow which succulents don’t mind at all.  It would be beautiful filled with air plants too.


First came the washing – I wanted to clean out the bird bath to remove all the scum.  I then dried it and filled it with green glass disks.  I worked in and draped over a little teal Christmas bead garland for some sparkle and shine.  I created this with cuttings and not plants.  The Graptoverieria, Aeonium, Crassula and Sedum snippings all came from my garden.


I love chartreuse and as you can see, I tucked in a little preserved and colored reindeer moss.  I didn’t use a lot but it certainly adds a bit of pop and really draws the eye in.  Moss is available in many different colors so you can accent as you please.  Hot fuschia perhaps?


It looks great with just the succulents but add in a few orange Alstroemeria, and va va voom!  I’m crazy for orange, especially with the cobalt blue and chartreuse, so this design puts a big ole smile on my face.  I know that orange doesn’t have universal appeal so use a color which pleases you.


I think this succulent bird bath arrangement would be great as a focal point on a buffet table for a garden party or outdoor wedding.  The Alstroemeria would hold up and look good out of water for at least 6 hours – just keep them out of the sun.  I like this little bird bath because the bowl detaches from the base so it’s easy to work on and move around.  

This piece is part of a series of succulent designs.  Last week I did a lantern posing as a succulent arrangement.  Be sure to check back in a few days because next up is a Spring table arrangement which would be fabu for Easter!

Oh, please be sure to check out our book Mother Nature Inspired Christmas OrnamentsI’ve used cuttings of succulents to adorn the ornaments I made in the book. After the holidays were over and the ornaments were packed away, I planted those cuttings in my garden.  I now have even more to design with!

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  5. Absolutely stunning!

  6. Thank you so much Mary, I really appreciate that! Merry Christmas, Nell

  7. Wow!!!! I LOVE this!

  8. Thank you Lori! Nell

  9. Can I use my birdbath for a small cactus arrangement?

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