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I Have Some Things To Show You: Flowery Things In January

See what's blooming in my garden in January, as well as my neighbors', here in Santa Barbara, CA. You'll find flowery things in the short video tour.

Flowery Things In January

Head’s up garden gluttons, I’m starting a new vlog series called I Have Some Things to Show You.  This will hopefully, most weeks anyway, be a sweet and short video of things I want to show you but don’t want to focus on any one thing. Think of it as a media collage for your viewing pleasure.

For the first one, I’m showing you some plants which are blooming in January in my garden as well the gardens of a few of my neighbors which are within 50′ of my house. We have a lot which is flowering at this time of year.

Click on the video and enjoy some Winter blooms here in Santa Barbara!

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  1. I loved it and am looking forward to more!


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