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I Have Somethings To Show You: Flowery Things In February

Come on a video tour with me & I'll show you some flowery things here in Santa Barbara in February. Hopefully these blooms will warm you up!

Flowery Things In February


It’s almost the end of February and many of you are still buried under snow and wearing big heavy coats.  Here in temperate Santa Barbara we are running around in tee shirts and enjoying beach walks. There is a lot flowering right now and I thought it might warm you up to see a bit of  what’s in bloom these days.


Let me take you on a tour to see some winter bloomers along the Southern California coast:


White Lady Bank’s Rose which climbs on my neighbor’s fence


Clivia flowers for a short period of time but I love the vibrant blooms

Click HERE to see what was flowering right around my house in January.

P1050094 copy_new

There is a lot of Bougainvillea growing all over Santa Barbara.  It’s always a riot of color & makes a great photo backdrop!

Looking at flowers always makes me happy.  Just think, Spring is right around the corner!




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