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My Recent Garden Haul

I have an mild addiction when it comes to buying things for my garden. Here I share with you recent plant & garden accessory purchases.

Recent Haul For The Garden

Okay, I’ll admit it, I watch a lot of videos.  I don’t have a tv, and because I’m a YouTuber, I surf around on a variety of channels seeing what other vloggers in a wide range of categories are up to.  I try to concentrate on channels which educate me, but every now and then a haul video appears on my Mac screen. You know, beauty hauls, grocery hauls, Target hauls and the like. I recently bought quite a few things for my garden so I thought, why not do a garden haul?


My new Rex begonia “Harmony’s Red Robin”.  It provides lots of color & interest with very little deadheading.

I’m always buying things for my garden even though I need something like another container or one more succulent like I need a hole in the head. Yes, I’m a self-professed garden junkie. I can never pass a nursery or garden center without stopping in and browsing around.

I’ve gotten some stellar garden finds at my local art reuse store as well as thrift stores. A little paint and some adornments and viola, a new work of art! You’ll find out where everything comes from in the video.


My new garden goodies.

Oddly, I’m not real big on shopping for myself but the thought of something new for the garden makes my wallet spring open. I hope you enjoyed my little garden haul.  Anyone else out there have an addiction when it comes to their garden???


This succulent bowl is newly planted & decorated.  It sits happily on my table in the front yard.

Here’s to new things for the garden,

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  1. hi. Can you make a care video about Neanthe Bella Palm.

  2. Thanks for asking! I’ve maintained quite a few of Neanthebellas. I’ll do the video for you in the next month or 2. Nell

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