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A Natural Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreaths are a holiday classic. We all like having a new one each December. They’re a way to greet all the people that visit your house during this busy season. I wanted to share with you a tutorial on how to make your own wreath with a natural feeling. You can find it in the short video below. I know we are all busy shopping and decorating so this project won’t take long.  And, it will be fun!

Natural Christmas Wreath


– Fishing line

– Wire wreath frame

– Magnolia cones

– Walnuts

– Spanish moss

– Succulents

– Hot glue

Watch the video to see the steps and you’ll have a beautiful new wreath hanging on your door in no time.

 Amazing natural Christmas wreath

This natural looking wreath will make your door more inviting … and your neighbors jealous. 

Have fun creating and making your Christmas more cheerful!

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