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An Easy DIY: A Succulent, Magnolia Cone & Walnut Adorned Wreath

Do you like your wreaths on the "au natural" side? If so, this easy succulent, magnolia cone & walnut wreath DIY's for you.

This wreath won’t knock the socks off of you in terms or sparkle and shine, but if you like your decorations on the “au natural” side, then this easy DIY’s for you. It was created with the holiday season in mind but can be put together and displayed at any time of year. Succulents, magnolia cones and walnuts make a beautiful combo, 1 that Mother Nature herself would endorse!

I collected magnolia cones that fell from the street trees in Santa Barbara, succulents from my garden and walnuts bought at the farmers market for the decor.

Magnolia Cone Succulent Walnut Adorned Wreath

1 of the many Aeoniums in my garden. They’re great for crafting because they form a beautiful rosette & hold up a long time sans soil.

I’ve always loved using magnolia cones in my various creations but pine cones can easily be switched out. The shape of a magnolia cone works really well when making a wreath and I’ve used them when crafting Christmas ornaments. Just add a little glitter, a bow, hang on the tree & viola!  Walnuts are nice and light and can also be used tucked into centerpieces like this one.

Succulent Magnolia Cone Walnut Adorned Wreath

This glittered magnolia cone, with 2 baby cones attached at the top, is embellished with a couple of Jade Plant cuttings. You can find the how to for this easy ornament & others in my book Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments.

I know we’re all busy shopping, decorating & baking so this wreath DIY project won’t take long:

The Materials:

– Fishing line
Wire wreath frame, purchased at Michaels 
– Magnolia cones
– Walnuts
Spanish moss, preserved green
– Succulents, namely Aeoniums which form a beautiful rosette
– Hot glue

The Steps:

Magnolia Cone Succulent Walnut Adorned Wreath

–> Attach the moss to the wire frame with fishing line.

Magnolia Cone Succulent Walnut Adorned Wreath

–> Nestle the magnolia cones in the moss & tie them down with fishing line.

Magnolia Cone Succulent Walnut Adorned Wreath

–> Glue on the walnuts.

Magnolia Cone Succulent Walnut Adorned Wreath

–> Add the aeoniums & attach them with hot glue. I always let the glue cool a bit before touching the succulents so it’s not a hot shock!

If you’re making this wreath for the holidays, you can always add in or substitute evergreen foliage like pine, cedar or boxwood.

Christmas wreaths are a holiday classic and don’t we like having a new one each December?  They’re a warm and wonderful way to greet all the people that visit your house during this busy season. This succulent, magnolia cone and walnut wreath is so versatile that it’s a welcoming sight at the holiday season or any time of year!

Happy creating,

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If you like making Christmas ornaments, then be sure to check out my books:

Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments

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  1. What a great idea to use Magnolia cones in a natural wreath! I always thought of those things lying on the ground as just a nuisance. Thank you.

  2. Hi Michele – You’re very welcome! I love Magnolia cones; they’re such a beautiful shape. Nell

  3. Candace Emerson

    I love your ability to create beautiful things using natural elements. The magnolia pods in a wreath really resonate with me. I am wondering if the succulents can be watered and become a living part of the magnolia pod wreath. If so, what do you recommend to keep them healthy and happy?
    Thank you for your unselfish gift ? of sharing your love if beautiful plants…it blesses me every time I check out your site . Abundant blessings, Candy Emerson

  4. Oh thank you so much Candace! I love doing this sort of thing & am happy to share. The longest I’ve kept a wreath like that intact was for 14 months but here’s what I did. I used a deep enough wreath form to get a double layer of moss in plus a bit of succulent & cactus mix. That gives them something to grow into. I would spray it really well instead of watering by can or hose. The type of succulents make a difference too; some are tougher than others. Blessings to you! Nell

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