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I Have Somethings To Show You: LA Flower District Cut Flowers

We took an early morning trip into the Los Angeles Flower District. In this post & video, we have lots & lots of beautiful flowers to show you. A treat for the senses!

LA Flower District Cut Flowers Tour


The LA Flower District is a floral wonderland smack in the heart of downtown.  Lucy and I met in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to hash out some “business stuff” face to face.  Early the next morning we made an excursion to this delightful place where we shot a few videos for you.  Get ready because there are lots of beautiful cut flowers coming your way.



My the color of these Hydrangeas is intense. Do ya think they’re dyed?!

My senses were firing full speed ahead in no time.  The sights, the smells, the textures and the colors had me wide awake in no time.  It is the largest floral district in the USA, covering a 6 block area packed to the brim with flowers, plants and supplies. We visited the LA Flower Market  and the Southern California Flower Market  – the 2 oldest establishments in the district.

Let us show you some pretty flowers:


We have lots of cut flower growers just 10 minutes south of where I live in Santa Barbara but their greenhouses are scattered about. To see all these scrumptious flowers together in a couple of places is a real treat. Oh how I love flowers! How about you … are you a flower child too?



I love Hypericum Berries in arrangements.


Waxflower is so long lasting & makes a great filler. It’s lovely on its own too.

Be sure to check out the vlog we did on LA District Blooming Plants .

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