A Holly Berry Vine Wreath Christmas Ornament

This festive wreath can hang on your tree, on a door, in a window or be used as a pillar candle ring.

This holly berry vine wreath ornament how to comes hot on the heels of the candy cane snowflake. It’s another one of the  ornaments you’ll find in our recently published DIY Christmas decorating book, Ornaments To Make Your Christmas Sparkle.  All of the 25 ornaments are easy to make, full of sparkle and will be a welcome addition to your Christmas tree. Let’s not waste any more precious holiday crafting time, on to this festive wreath ornament.

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament

I used this vine wreath to make a little Springtime decoration for my front door adorned with succulents. As always, reuse comes into play around here. I bought the wreath at Michaels and already had the holly garland (it’s actually plastic) which I cut into pieces. Vine wreaths come in all sizes so you could easily make this ornament decoration smaller or larger.

The raspberries came in a package with some scatters and those mini cones are something I use for lots of projects. I love the red ribbon hanger because it really pops out the holly berries and the raspberries. After all, what sings out joyfully “Happy Holidays” like holly?!


Be sure to watch the short video below because that’s where you’ll see me at my work table showing how to make this ornament. Like the other ornaments, this one comes together quickly because really, who has lots of spare time in December???

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the ornament filled with pom poms and the candy cane studded snowflake. These are also found in our book along with techniques and basic supplies you’ll need as well as a resources section so you can locate everything necessary to make all the ornaments.  Oh, there are some links for you below the video to some other Christmas creating posts and videos you’ll enjoy.

Happy holidays, Happy creating!

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