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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Indoor Gardeners and Houseplant Lovers

Are you searching for something to give to the indoor gardeners or houseplant lovers in your life? We've rounded up 18 fabulous gifts that they'll both need & want.

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Indoor Gardeners and Houseplant Lovers Header colllage

Written By: Lucy Ferreira

Are you searching for a gift to give to the indoor gardeners or houseplant lovers in your life? Well look no further! We’ve rounded up 18 must-have gifts that any houseplant horticulturist, whether beginning or experienced, would both need and love.

Collage with gift guide for indoor gardeners and houseplant lovers includes hanging wire baskets, big woven basket, plant stand, houseplant care book, watering cans & scissors

1- Hanging Wire Structures  – Hanging containers are a must when it comes to indoor gardening if someone lacks floor or table space. These wire structures come in 4 different sizes.  How jazzy are they?

2- Large Woven Storage Basket  – Organization is a key part of successful gardening so why not start by keeping everything in one place?  The indoor gardener doesn’t need a shed. This roomy basket will make sure there’s room for trowels, bags of dirt, a watering can, and more.

3- Wire Plant Stand – Plant stands are a staple of indoor gardening and decor. These structures are modern and fun and you can get them in different sizes. The taller ones would look fabulous with trailing plants.

4- Keep Your Houseplants Alive Book – Perhaps your indoor gardener is still figuring out how to take care of their plants. This book is one of the easiest ways to get them on their way. It’s written by Nell who has years of experience taking care of indoor plants and has put together an easy to understand houseplant care guide.

5- Watering Can & Mister Set – This watering can and mister set can easily become part of any indoor space decor because they look so good. At the same time,  they’re so necessary to keep plants watered and misted. The watering can comes in 2 other colors.

6- Garden Scissors – Scissors are always handy to have when gardening. These come in two different sizes that will help the gardener in your life tackle different kind of projects.

gift-guide-for-indoor-gardeners- products collage

1- Ornamental Sea Glass  Houseplants look so much better if their dirt covered up and that’s why I love top-dressing them. This ornamental glass will add an ocean feel to any pot.

2-Wall Sticked Planters Flower Pots –  These are so fun and versatile.  They can be used for cut flowers or plants that grow in water like Lucky Bamboo, Spider Plants, Hoyas and Pothos. 

3- Dutch Trowel – Every gardener, either indoors or out, needs a good standard trowel to move the dirt around. This is one of those everlasting gifts.

4- Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruning –  Houseplants need pruning too  and this tool will help make the job a lot easier.

5- 3.54 Inch White Ceramic Planter  If the person you are thinking about loves succulents, this is a great option. These simple, contemporary pots, in a set of 3,  will especially fit any bohemian or minimalistic style home.

6- Cloth – Indoor plants need to have their leaves cleaned every now and then. This Swedish cloth is made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers. They’re 100% natural and compostable – I bet gardener in your life will love this fact!   

gift-guide-for-indoor-gardeners- product collage

1- Hanging Planter Basket  This is a cute set that you can get in different colors. Nell has these exact same ones and will tell you firsthand how much she loves them because they’re extremely light yet attractive. You can see one of them in this project about how she repotted her hanging succulent.

2- Macrame Plant Hanger –  Meticulously handcrafted, this beauty can bring magic to any indoor space or even cheer up an office. Just note that the pot isn’t  included!

3- Cement Fiber – This lightweight pot is modern and combines well with any plant. You can get it in 3 different sizes, or as a set. These could be easily be painted and decorated. Here’s an idea for how to decorate them .

4- Cork MatThese mats are very helpful at preventing stains on floors. If you’ve heard your gardener complaining about floor stains, then these are a very practical gift. 

5- Tillandsia Variety 5 Pack  – This variety pack is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate with plants. You can get some great ideas on how to use them to decorate from Nell in these posts:

6-Houseplant Tool Set 3-piece – It’s very useful to have smaller tools when gardening indoors with smaller sized pots and plants. This mini set would make a darling gift.

Hope this guide makes your gift hunt easier and more enjoyable. I bet the indoor gardeners and houseplant lovers in your life will be happy to get any of these, because well… I would too!

Happy Holiday Shopping!




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