10 Inspiring Garden Quotes

Written By: Lucy

Quotes are reminders to live in a more poetic and sometimes more courageous way.  They express feelings and tones that are hard for us to put into words.  Luckily, someone else had the same feelings and was able to translate them into words beautifully. I love garden quotes and know that I’m not the only one who does.  

This is why we started compiling quotes which would resonate with fellow garden hounds.  Many of the quotes you’ll see below were designed by us at Joy Us garden using our photos while the others were grabbed from the world wide web.

Quotes on gardening & green love

Because all gardeners are soil, plant and flower artists.
Garden Quotes

Our environment affects the way we feel and see the world. We can make it more beautiful and pleasing by nurturing our dear plants. This will impact our well being tremendously, promise.

Garden Quotes

Any other Lisa Congdon illustrations fans out there? You can tell she is a nature lover also – so many plants, flowers and other living beings appear in her creations.

Garden Quotes

Oh yes…I know better! Well not really, I know a little more than I did before thanks to Nell.  But my thumb is still pretty brown!Garden Quotes

Let’s make sure to tell those who bring some soul sunshine in our lives how much we appreciate it.

This quote is by Marcel Proust.

Garden Quotes

If you’re aware and take your time, you’ll find much more beauty around you everywhere. And don’t forget to smell the flowers too!Garden Quotes

There is so much creativity in gardening.
Garden Quotes

Green might be a soothing calming tone for this same reason. Also, green is one of the most popular colors alongside blue.

Garden Quotes

May we feed our being not only with food but also with actions…like growing some greenery.
Garden Quotes

I hope you’ve found these quotes to be inspiring and that they uplift your day.

Happy gardening, happy life!



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